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Bison Olympus Adjustable Basketball Hoop - 60 Inch Glass

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Bison Olympus Adjustable Basketball Hoop – 60 Inch Glass

  • 60 Inch Tempered Glass Backboard Available in Clear or Smoked Glass
  • Heavy Duty Competition Breakaway Rim
  • 36 Inch Pole-to-Backboard Extension at 10 Feet; Increases as Lowered
  • Rear Crank Height Adjustment Mechanism; Adjusts from 10 Feet to 7-1/2 Feet
  • Five Inch Square Steel Pole with Textured Powder Coated Finish
  • Black Fitted Pole Pad Included
  • Pedestal Base with Ground Anchor Comes Standard
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty

  • Bison's Olympus Adjustable Basketball Hoop is a high quality adjustable basketball hoop that will stand up to any abuse that you and your friends can dish out. The goal can be infinitely adjusted from 10 feet down to 7-1/2 feet simply by turning the crank, and the goal height indicator allows you to set it at the precise height desired. The post is constructed of 5 inch square steel, with 75% more steel than common round poles. A pedestal base with ground anchor (allowing you to move the hoop if you ever need to do so) is standard.

    Bison's Olympus Adjustable Basketball Hoop comes with a 60 inch tempered glass backboard with an aluminum frame and a heavy duty competition breakaway rim. The backboard is available in either clear glass or smoked glass. The rim mounts directly to the extension arm through the backboard, eliminating stress on the backboard during heavy play. The 36 inch post-to-backboard extension provides room to play under the rim, while the included fitted post pad will help to prevent injury from contact with the post. Bison's Olympus Adjustable Basketball Hoop comes with a Lifetime Limited Warranty.WARRANTIED FOR RESIDENTIAL USES ONLY.

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