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Bison T-Rex Side Court Portable Basketball Hoop - 72 Inch Glass

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Bison T-Rex Side Court Portable Basketball Hoop - 72 Inch Glass

  • Institutional Caliber Portable Hoop that Requires Less Space
  • Perfect for Programs that Don't Require 96" Base-to-Backboard Extension
  • 72 Inch Tempered Glass Backboard with Competition Breakaway Goal
  • Goal Mounts Directly to Extension Arm, Eliminating Stress on Backboard During Play
  • 66 Inch Base-to-Backboard Extension at 10 Feet
  • Base Size is 40 Inches W X 74 Inches L; Requires 100 Inches Between Court Baseline and Wall
  • Base, Riser and Backboard Padding Included; Choose from a Variety of Colors
  • Beam Padding, Rear Safety Hold Down Kit and Vibration Deadening Device Available at Additional Cost
  • Fork Lift or Dock Required for Delivery

  • Bison's Side Court Portable Basketball Hoop is a great institutional caliber hoop for cost conscious programs that are limited in space and don't require a 96 inch base to backboard extension. The T-Rex Side Court comes with a regulation size 42 inch X 72 inch tempered glass backboard and a competition breakaway goal. The T-Rex Side Court's 66 inch base-to-backboard extension means that it will sit 18 inches away from the baseline but still is able to fit in smaller areas where larger systems will not. Unlike larger hoops, the Side Court only requires 100 inches between the baseline and wall. The Side Court comes standard with base, riser, and backboard padding available 16 different colors. You can customize your hoop by adding your team or school name to the front riser pad. A rear hold down kit and vibration deadening device are available at additional cost.

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