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Gared Hoopmaster Portable Hoop - 72 Inch Glass

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Gared Hoopmaster Portable Basketball Hoop System

  • 42" x 72" Shatterproof Glass Backboard and Breakaway Goal
  • Appropriate for Use in High School, Churches, and Rec Leagues
  • Compact Design for Tight Locations
  • Adjustable from 8' to 10' Height
  • Electric-Hydraulic System to Adjust Height
  • Boom Extensions of 8' and 5'
  • Base and Upright Pad Available in Several Colors
  • Approved by FIBA for International Competition
  • 10-Year Limited Warranty on Parts; Lifetime Limited Warranty on Backboard

The Gared Hoopmaster has a maintenance-free tension spring to make moving the arm on the unit effortless. The spring is concealed inside the base for safety reasons and also for aesthetic ones. This system can be used in high schools, universities, churches, clubs, and rec centers. It comes equipped with a 42" x 72" shatterproof glass backboard and breakaway goal. This package also includes Pro-Mold backboard padding and a positive lock breakaway goal. This model has been approved by FIBA for international competition.

The rim height on this model can be adjusted from 8' to 10', depending on your needs and preferences. Choose between boom extensions of 8' or 5' as desired. The base has padding on three sides made from vinyl coated high density polyurethane foam. At the front of the unit, the padding reaches up to the 7' level.

The Gared Hoopmaster Portable Basketball Hoop can be used in a number of institutional settings. You have the freedom to adjust it to the height you want between 8' and 10'. The extension varies between 8' and 5'. A 10-year limited warranty is offered on parts and a lifetime limited warranty is offered on the backboard.