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Item Number: FullCourt664XLIC

Ironclad FullCourt 664-XL Inground Adjustable Hoop - 60 Inch Glass - EXPECTED TO SHIP EARLY OCTOBER

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Ironclad FullCourt 664-XL Adjustable Inground Basketball Hoop – 60 Inch Glass EXPECTED TO SHIP EARLY OCTOBER

  • 42" x 60" Tempered Glass Backboard with Clear View Mounting Design
  • 48" Post-to-Backboard Extension
  • 6" Square Post
  • Height Adjusts from 10’ Down to 5’
  • Black Post and Backboard Edge Pads Included
  • Bolt-Down Installation
  • Lifetime Superior Warranty

Ironclad’s FullCourt 664XL is a high quality outdoor hoop system designed for your backyard or driveway. Its rugged construction makes Ironclad’s FullCourt 664XL a great choice for virtually any playing environment.

The FullCourt 664XL basketball hoop comes with a 42” x 60”, ½” thick tempered glass backboard and a high quality breakaway rim designed for outdoors. IronClad's Clear View mounting design mimics a professional hoop, with no mounting structure visible behind the backboard. This hoop system has an extremely rigid 6” square post, which will stand up to aggressive play without wobbling. The hoop has a 48" offset between the post and the backboard which provides an optimal amount of room for play under the hoop. Ironclad hoops come with black post and backboard edge pads at no extra cost.

The Ironclad FullCourt 664 is also extremely versatile. The bolt-down installation allows you to move the hoop or take it with you without having to dig up the concrete in which it is installed. Its 10’ to 5’ height adjustment range also is larger than is found on most outdoor adjustable hoops. And the rear crank-adjust system and height indicator makes it easy to adjust the backboard to any desired height.

Bottom Line:  The Ironclad FullCourt 664 is perfect if you need a durable outdoor hoop system for your driveway or backyard. It comes with a lifetime superior warranty covers any damage from basketball play, including dunking and a player hanging on the rim. The backboard and rim are professional-grade and the post is as solid as they come.