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Item Number: QuickSet-FT

First Team QuickSet Permanent Backyard Volleyball Set

Regular Price: $1,180.80
Sale Price: $960.00
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Champion Official Size Pro Style Composite VolleyballChampion Official Size Pro Style Composite Volleyball
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Our Price: $35.00
Adjustable Volleyball Court LineAdjustable Volleyball Court Line
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First Team QuickSet Permanent Backyard Volleyball Set

  • 2" Square Uprights
  • Adjustable Net
  • High Quality Net
  • Net Tensioning Device
  • Upright Padding

The First Team QuickSet Permanent Backyard Volleyball Set is an outdoor volleyball system that’s easy to install and won’t put a dent in your wallet. The uprights are cemented in the ground for superior stability. The net is adjustable and professional.

Not everyone can afford to have an elite volleyball system in their backyard. Sometimes it just doesn’t make sense. The Quickset includes all the high-quality assets that matter without the price and hassle that comes with a professional volleyball system. The 2" square uprights are powdercoated black just like a competition set at a much cheaper price. The uprights are cemented into your yard or beach for a stable, permanent installation process. You can have your friends over for a fun game of volleyball and still have enough money left over to throw some burgers on the grill.

Despite the economic price, this system still has room for safety. You have the option to add padding to your upright posts in order to protect the players and your volleyball set. The pads come in 16 different colors and give your entire system a professional look. Add text to the pads for no extra charge. You can get creative and really make it your own.

The Quickset’s net is extremely versatile. You’re not just buying a volleyball net. You’re buying a kid’s volleyball net, a professional net, a tennis net, and a badminton net. The net height is easily adjustable for all types of net games and age levels. Once you’ve set the height using the height indicator, you might notice that the net is a little slack. That’s no problem. Every Quickset model comes with a net tensioning device that’s easy to use and effective. The Quickset has everything you’re looking for. Don’t let the low price fool you.

Bottom Line:  The First Team QuickSet Permanent Backyard Volleyball Set is perfect if you’re looking for a volleyball system that boasts easy installation and a low price. The net is adjustable, and the uprights are stable. This item qualifies for FREE SHIPPING.