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First Team Volleyball Drill Cart

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First Team Volleyball Drill Cart

  • Great for conducting drills in practice / warm-ups
  • Durable yet lightweight
  • Folds for easy storage
  • Includes carrying case
  • Measures 48" L x 22" W x 12" D x 40" H
  • Holds approximately 30 balls
  • 1 year limited warranty

The First Team Volleyball Drill Cart is a professional drill cart that can meet the needs of your entire team. It’s easily transportable so you can get a practice session in just about anywhere. Its size allows for full team warm-ups.

Versatility and transportability are what makes this drill cart the most useful training tool you can find. It’s extremely lightweight without sacrificing durability. It can fold up and fit easily in you car, while still surviving cross-country trips to far-off tournaments. A carrying case is included. Your only fear should be that it’s so easy to carry you’ll forget you even have it.

Practice is what makes a great volleyball team. Thankfully, this drill cart knows you don’t have all day for each team member to work out individually. It measures 48" L x 22" W x 12" D x 40" H and is capable of holding 30 volleyballs. Team drills will soon become something everyone looks forward to.

Bottom Line:  The First Team Volleyball Drill Cart is perfect if you’re looking for a portable drill cart that doesn’t slack off in the durability department. It’s big enough to use for team drills while being lightweight enough to pack up and go at the drop of a hat. This item qualifies for FREE SHIPPING.