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First Team Competition Volleyball Antennae (Pair)

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First Team Competition Volleyball Antennae

  • One-piece antennae
  • Clamps to any 1 meter or 36" tall net
  • Quick twist attachment
  • Official 72" x 3 / 8" fiberglass rod
  • Outfits one net
  • Attaches without use of ladder or stool
  • 1 year limited warranty

First Team’s Competition Volleyball Antennae are what the top programs in the country are using right now. Despite being antennae that are made for the big leagues, installation is still a snap. This will take your net to the next level of professionalism.

First Team doesn’t want you struggling when you’re setting up for a big tournament or important practice session. A quick twist attachment design makes installation painless, and you don’t need to bother hunting down a ladder or stool. Floor level installation is one of the perks of this product. Each antenna is in one piece so you don’t have to take time searching for extra parts or give up hope when you lose something.

This Competition Volleyball Net Antennae is approved for professional use. Each antenna measures 72" x 3/8". The rod is made of fiberglass and is highlighted with red stripes to improve visibility. You can attach your antennae to a 1 meter or 36" tall net. This set outfits one net, and you can be sure you won’t be buying another set for a while.

Bottom Line:  First Team’s Competition Volleyball Antennae are perfect for an official 1 meter or 36" volleyball tall net that needs to be outfitted with a set of antennae. The antennae are made of quality fiberglass and installation will be a breeze. This item qualifies for FREE SHIPPING.