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First Team Horizon Competition Portable Volleyball System

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Champion Official Size Pro Style Composite VolleyballChampion Official Size Pro Style Composite Volleyball
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First Team Horizon Competition Portable Volleyball System

  • Anti-Skid Floor Protector
  • Worm-Gear Driven Net Tensioner
  • Adjustable Net
  • Net Height Indicator
  • Antennas
  • Rope Cover
  • Post Padding

The First Team Horizon Competition Portable Volleyball System is an indoor volleyball system on wheels. A SturdiStand judges stand is optional, and the post pads are available in 16 different colors.

The Horizon makes portability and installation easy. The base units can be rolled to whatever location they’re needed before being secured by a locking pin. Once your base units are locked in, it’s time to play. The built-in anti-skid floor protector allows you to play as hard as you can without worrying about damaging the floor. Visibility can be a problem with other portable units. The Horizon is deigned for maximum spectator and judge visibility. The base units are small and you have the option to include a SturdiStand with your purchase. Each self-contained base has built-in ballast to allow bowstring tight net tension so you aren’t constantly dealing with a sagging net or an unprofessional look. There are no floor anchors, guy wires or tools required. Installation is a breeze and maintenance is easy.

The KEVLAR net provided with your Horizon model is elite-level and adjustable. A Worm-gear driven net tensioner allows you to keep your net in pristine condition without the dangers associated with other net tensioners. The net height can be adjusted to fit your needs. You can set the height for different age groups in just a few minutes. A built-in height indictor insures that you’re not struggling to guess the height or running to get your tape measure.

Rope covers, post pads and base pads are all provided at no extra charge. These will keep you and your volleyball system safe while providing a little style. Don’t forget to add you team name to the side of the post pads.

Bottom Line:  The First Team Horizon Competition Portable Volleyball System is perfect if you’re looking for a high-quality portable indoor volleyball system. This item qualifies for FREE SHIPPING.