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First Team Galaxy Competition Titanium Volleyball System

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Champion Official Size Pro Style Composite VolleyballChampion Official Size Pro Style Composite Volleyball
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First Team Galaxy Volleyball System

  • 3 " Diameter Titanium Alloy Uprights
  • Wormgear Crank Net Tensioner
  • Spring Loaded Telescoping Pistons
  • Net Height Adjustments from 78" to 98"
  • Net Height Indicator
  • KEVLAR Net
  • Antennae Set
  • Upright Padding

The First Team Galaxy Volleyball System is one of the highest-class systems on the market. If you are involved in an elite volleyball program, you’ve come to the right place. Nothing about this system is going to disappoint. The entire system meets all NCAA, National High School Federation and USVBA standards.

The Galaxy is as durable as they come. The 3 " diameter uprights are made of nearly unbreakable titanium alloy to insure that you’re going to be using this system for years to come. The titanium is as strong as any steel models you’ll find on the market without the installation and transportation issues that arise from such heavy metal. The KEVLAR net can hold up to some serious volleyball, and the upright padding insures that your players, as well as your system, is protected.

Net height and tension adjustments are a snap with the Galaxy system. The net can be adjusted to a height of anywhere between 78" and 98". The telescoping piston is spring loaded to help you raise and lower the net. There’s no need to use a tape measure to get your net height right. A built-in net height indicator comes standard and makes height adjustments precise and dependable. The titanium uprights reduce the number of tension adjustments you’ll have to make, but if you end up making one, it’s extremely simple. A Wormgear crank with a folding handle comes with the Galaxy. It reduces backdrive and has a reputation as the safest tensioner around.

First Team gives you a couple customization options to make your system truly represent you and your gym. The upright pads come in 12 different colors. Show some school or team spirit; Show everyone what your favorite color is; Throw darts at a color wheel. Whatever color you go with, it’s good to know that it was your choice. You can also add text to your pads to make them even more personalized.

Bottom Line: The First Team Galaxy Volleyball System is the peak of volleyball system professionalism. The uprights are made of titanium alloy and net height/tension adjustments are quick and painless. This item qualifies for FREE SHIPPING.