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First Team All Pro Football Goalposts

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First Team Football Goalpost PadsFirst Team Football Goalpost Pads
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First Team All Pro Football Goalposts

  • Massive 6-5/8" Diameter Steel Post with Galvanized Undercoating
  • 6-5/8" Crossbar and 4" Uprights Constructed of Rust-Free Aluminum
  • Telescoping Nosecone Design Allows 6' 9" to 8' 6" Overhang Extension
  • Built-In Crossbar and Upright Leveling Features
  • Available with High School or College Length Crossbar
  • Can Be Used in Conjunction with Portable Soccer Goals
  • Available in Yellow or White
  • Post-Pad with Lettering, Ground Sleeves and Access Frames Available for Additional Cost
  • Meets all NCAA and NFHS Rules
  • 10-Year Limited Warranty

The All Pro line of football goalposts are First Team's biggest and best! The All Pro series boasts a massive 6-5/8" diameter steel post for maximum structural stability. For rust free performance the goalpost has a galvanized undercoating while the 6-5/8" diameter crossbar and 4" diameter uprights are made from rust free aluminum.

First Team's All Pro series has several installation features that make set up easy. First, the All Pro has a unique telescoping nosecone design that allows the overhang distance to be extended anywhere from 6' 9" to 8' 6". So no matter what, the crossbar comes out dead even with the back of the endzone every time. Second, the nosecone attachment not only allows the crossbar to be leveled at time of assembly, but you can also fine tune the crossbar elevation up to 2" up or down. So the crossbar is always at perfect 10' height every time. Third, each upright is attached to an adjustable corner elbow that is fully rotational allowing the uprights to be assembled perfectly straight every time.

Remember, because the All Pro can be set to a maximum overhang of 8' 6" it works great when used in conjunction with portable soccer goals on multi-use fields. Additionally, First Team offers a crossbar extension kit when needed. This allows a college width crossbar to be converted to high school width when needed for fields used by both college and high school teams. Post pads, ground sleeves and access frames are available for any All Pro package.

All Pro football goalposts are available in either safety yellow or white. Wind direction streamers are included. All Pro football goalposts are covered by First Team's 10-Year Limited Warranty.