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First Team Sand Stellar Recreational Aluminum Volleyball System

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Champion Official Size Pro Style Composite VolleyballChampion Official Size Pro Style Composite Volleyball
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Bison Premium Sand Volleyball Boundary KitBison Premium Sand Volleyball Boundary Kit
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First Team Sand Stellar Recreational Aluminum Volleyball System w/ Sleeves for Sand

  • Heavy Wall 3 " OD Aluminum Tubing
  • Wormgear Crank Net Tensioner
  • Net Height Indicator
  • Adjustable Net Height
  • Sleeves For Sand

The First Team Sand Stellar Recreational Aluminum Volleyball System is an outdoor system designed for beaches and sand pits. It’s lightweight without sacrificing durability. The Stellar sand unit meets all NCAA, USVBA and National High School Federation standards.

An outdoor volleyball system needs to be able to stand up to severe weather conditions. That’s why the Stellar Sand unit was built with toughness in mind. The KEVLAR net is the strongest on the market, and it comes with rope covers capable of absorbing vicious spike after vicious spike. The posts are made of 3 " OD aluminum tubing. Aluminum is easy to handle and can still be counted on to last for years. Post pads help keep the players and the system safe. Sand sleeves are provided to secure your posts. When you get a Stellar, you’re getting your last volleyball system.

Net adjustments are a snap with the Stellar. First Team uses the Wormgear crank net tensioner for its elite systems. It prevents backdrive and keeps you safe. The net height can be set anywhere between 42" and 96". This allows you to host all levels of volleyball play as well as any other net games. A net height indicator is provided so you don’t have to go digging around for your tape measure.  To adjust the height of your net, just loosen the securing knob on each net collar. This will allow you to slide the net up or down. Once you’ve selected a height using the indicator, twist the knob tight to secure it.

The Stellar also comes with a ton of style options. Post pads are available in 16 different colors. You can match your team mascot, or just pick your favorite color. Don’t forget to include text on your pads. Write out your team name, or pick something inspiring.

Bottom Line:  The First Team Sand Stellar Recreational Aluminum Volleyball System is perfect if you’re looking for an outdoor system for your beach or sandpit. The Stellar is durable and lightweight. This item qualifies for FREE SHIPPING.