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First Team Stellar Recreational Aluminum Side-by-Side Volleyball System

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Champion Official Size Pro Style Composite VolleyballChampion Official Size Pro Style Composite Volleyball
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First Team Stellar Recreational Aluminum Volleyball System (Side-by-Side)

  • Heavy Wall 3 " OD Aluminum Tubing
  • Wormgear Crank Net Tensioner
  • Floor Socket Adapters
  • Net Height Indicator
  • Side-by-Side

The First Team Stellar Recreational Aluminum Volleyball System is a side-by-side volleyball system with all the fixings. It’s made of lightweight aluminum for easy transportation and comes with a ton of customization options. The Stellar units meet all NCAA, USVBA and National High School Federation rules. 

Durability is key in an indoor/outdoor system. It needs to be able to survive the severe weather and hold up to the standards of a professional indoor system. The Stellar fits the bill. The heavy wall 3 " OD aluminum tubing is tough but lightweight. The post padding provides protection for the players and the posts. Stability can be provided by 4" or 3 " floor sockets. Last, but not least, the rope covers protect your net from particularly vicious spikes. All together, this adds up to a reliable volleyball system.

First Team makes net adjustments a breeze. The Wormgear crank net tensioner makes precise adjustments so you can get the perfect playing conditions. Wormgear also prevents backdrive and keeps you safe. This is the same tensioner used in elite, professional systems. The net can be set at anywhere between 42" and 96". This is perfect if you’re switching between different levels of play or different net games. A handy net height indicator label is located on each one of the posts.  To adjust the net, simply loosen the securing knob on each net collar and slide the net up or down. Once you have the correct height, twist the knob tight to secure it.

The Stellar comes with style options as well. You can choose from 16 colors for your post pads. Match them to your mascot, or simply choose your favorite color. You can get text added along the side of the pads. This is a perfect way to show some team spirit.

Bottom Line:  The First Team Stellar Recreational Aluminum Volleyball System is perfect if you are looking for an aluminum indoor/outdoor system. This is a side-by-side model that’s easy to transport and comes with an array of style options. This item qualifies for FREE SHIPPING.