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Item Number: Astro-SBS-FT

First Team Astro Competition Aluminum Volleyball System (Side-by-Side)

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Champion Official Size Pro Style Composite VolleyballChampion Official Size Pro Style Composite Volleyball
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First Team Astro Competition Volleyball System - SBS

  • 3 1/2" x 1/4" Wall High Strength Aluminum
  • 3 1/2" Uprights
  • Wormgear Net Tensioner
  • KEVLAR Volleyball Net
  • Upright Padding
  • Net Height Adjustments from 78" to 98"
  • Antenna Set
  • Side By Side Design

The First Team Astro Competition Volleyball System sports a double court side-by-side design. If you’re planning on hosting volleyball tournaments or lessons, this is what you need. It allows you to fit more nets in a small space. You also won’t spend hours making net adjustments. This net is designed to allow you to focus on your game instead of maintenance.

This competition-grade volleyball system is as durable as they come. It’s made of 3 1/2" x 1/4" wall high strength aluminum that’s lightweight without sacrificing durability. The 3 1/2" uprights are built to last, and the KEVLAR net won’t crack or rip. The protective rope covers allow you to go all-out without worrying about damage to the net’s rope. One thing you shouldn’t be thinking about when you play volleyball is whether or not your volleyball system is going to hold up

Net adjustments can be a hassle on other systems. First Team has made it easy on the Astro model. The net height can be adjusted to anywhere between 78" and 98". The internal spring telescoping piston design means you don’t have to struggle. Simply slide the inner telescoping tube up or down until you reach the desired height, and then turn the knob to secure the volleyball standards in place. There’s no need to get out your tape measure. The telescoping tube displays the current net height.

Tightening your net is easy too. Use the high-grade precision wormgear crank to tighten and fold the crank handle down to keep it out of the way. Like always, First Team knows that safety is paramount. There’s no backdrive like you find with inferior net tensioners.

Bottom Line:  The First Team Astro Competition Volleyball System is perfect if you’re looking for an aluminum system that’s easy to adjust and easy on your wallet. This item qualifies for FREE SHIPPING.