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Item Number: FT5010CP-FT

First Team Volleyball Center Post Pad (for Side-by-Side Systems)

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First Team Center Post Padding

  • Same as our FT5010 padding except has Velcro closure on both sides allowing center post to accommodate nets on both sides of post
  • Provided standard with First Team side-by-side packages
  • Sold individually
  • 1 1 / 2" thick high density foam with Velcro closure
  • Protects to 6' height
  • 5 year limited warranty

First Team’s Center Post Padding solves your safety problem if you have a side-by-side Volleyball System. Normal pads can’t accommodate a net on both sides of a post. This pad is specifically designed to attach around two nets and provide protection for your players.

This post pad meets all NCAA, USVBA and National High School Federation requirements and gives your nets a professional look. It provides 6’ of coverage and uses a Velcro closure on each side to insure that your pad doesn’t slip or fall off during competitions. Make no mistake, this is not the Velcro you used to secure you’re shoes when you were a kid. It’s designed to hold up 1 1 / 2" thick high density foam and stand up to a beating from pro athletes.

First Team also has an eye on style. The pad comes in 12 different colors. When you’re watching volleyball on ESPN, every net has the kind of pads that First Team is providing. Experts expect your nets to be outfitted for visibility and safety. Why not have them look good also?

Bottom Line:  First Team’s Center Post Padding is perfect if you need a stylish, competition-grade pad for the center post of your side-by-side volleyball net system. This pad is provided, standard, with First Team side-by-side packages.